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Ticking All The Boxes

The Village

Wanaka Retirement Village, owned and operated by Presbyterian Support Otago (PSO), ticks all the boxes when it comes to the type of home older people want to live in.

Because PSO has provided quality accommodation for older people for nearly 100 years, it knew that by positioning the Village next to Elmslie House Home & Hospital, and on a practical flat site near town, it would be perfect for both active and not-so-active residents.

Described by residents as a ‘boutique’ Village, it’s a mix of Apartments and Villas beautifully designed for Wanaka’s special climate, with easy access to all the town’s amenities, whether by foot, mobility scooter or car.

Each one of the 13 Apartments, 14 Villas and 3 Cottages offer residents as much privacy and independence as they might wish for, yet collectively become an intimate community providing support and encouragement to residents when needed.

Wanaka Retirement Village opened in December 2010 and quickly became known for its friendliness, stylish architecture and economical eco-friendly features.

The popular Pembroke Lounge, situated in the Apartment Block, is the hub of the Village catering for a wide range of events weekly exercise classes, movie afternoons, games, quiz hours, Happy Hour and other such gatherings.

The fact Elmslie House is adjacent gives residents great peace of mind. Certain services from the top-rating home are available to Village residents, and there is opportunity for both groups to meet for group activities. The sheltered, sunny courtyard between the Apartment block and the Home is a popular meeting place.