Lifestyle is Easy at Wanaka Retirement Village

Ease of daily life is what Wanaka Retirement Village residents enjoy the most; a home where every room is easily accessible, a village with easy access to town, and a community spirit that’s easy to enjoy.

They’re just some of many benefits of living at Wanaka Retirement Village. Another is savings made on heating costs; every home has insulation, glazing and heating features of higher performance levels than usual homes.

“We’ve been in the business of providing housing options for Otago’s older people for a very long time and know what is required to live in Wanaka’s climate,” says Lisa Wells, Development Director of Presbyterian Support Otago, the owner operators of the Village.

“Enabling residents to keep warm in winter and cool in summer without exorbitant running costs was of paramount consideration when these homes were designed, as was the ability for residents to be as private as they want yet live in a village setting, “Lisa Wells added. “I’m pleased to say those boxes are happily ticked by residents.”

The Village Common Room, situated in the Apartment block, is proving a very popular meeting place. Fully equipped, it has an easy indoor outdoor flow to a sheltered courtyard, perfect for Happy Hours, meetings, exercise sessions and entertainment.

Unlike many other retirement villages, Wanaka Retirement Village contracts that are resold, reimburse the departing resident based on market value, less costs, at the time of the sale, not the price paid by that resident when they entered the Village.

“The increasing number of older people looking for retirement accommodation means there could be quite a demand on our Village homes, so selling at a price determined by the market is an attractive proposition for residents and families,” explained Lisa Wells.